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Best Time Of Day To Get Your Photos Taken?

Do you ever wonder why photographers are so particular about when, where and the direction they shoot? Well, let me help you get inside the mind of someone who wants to deliver only the BEST for her clients!

Below is a shot with the sun positioned behind them and further into this post is a shot with the sun hitting them directly to allow you to see the difference between lighting.

If you/your families schedule is flexible with sunrise or sunset time frame, that is always my first suggestion on the time of day. Have you ever tried to take a photo and your eyes are squinting and just pouring tears? That's because the sun is so harsh during the middle of the day and there's not a way to allow the sun to be behind you and allow those eyes to open fully. The other benefit to being able to place the sun behind you is that you'll have this glowing affect that just makes for such dreamy photos!

If you happen to be in Texas or southern states, then you also know that during the summer this helps a TON to shoot when the sun is not at it's prime time in the sky.


What if your schedule only allows for middle of the day photos?

Dont fret!!! There are plenty of options that can still allow for beautiful pictures. Whether we rent out a studio space to avoid the outdoors all together, we find a very shaded area to allow for some shaded coverage, very lifestyle photos where you're not looking into the camera at all and as long as your photographer is experienced in shooting in direct sun, you can still have an amazing session! And again, if you're in the southern states.. STAY HYDRATED!


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