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Creating A Special Client Experience During A Photoshoot

Each and every person, couple and family is different and no two sessions should be the same. How do you make your session YOU?

What do you enjoy doing?

In order for us to make it personal and for you to truly enjoy yourself, think about activities you enjoy together.

Do you enjoy coffee dates? Then lets pick up your favorite coffee and "stroll" through a cute park or downtown!

Do you enjoy hiking or the outdoors? Lets find a trail, get on a little boat, create a campfire and roast marsh mellows!

Do you prefer to just kick it at home? Let's create a fun cooking or relaxing experience! Throw on your favorite show/movie, play your favorite board game, run around drinking wine /beer and eating pizza or put on your favorite game day attire and let's watch sports!

If you hate being outside and we book your session down a trail by the water, you WILL be miserable and it WILL show on your photos and neither of us want that.

My goal is for you to have not only amazing photos for you to look back on but a memorable experience that makes you want to book a photographer for all the fun things you love doing together!

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