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Wild Little Ones During A Photoshoot?

Every parent booking a photoshoot has at least 10 panic attacks nearing the day of the session with worrying about how their kiddos will behave during their session.


One thing I do for my clients is provide them with a questionnaire prior to our session which helps get to know a little about your kids prior to our session. Does you kid love bugs? I'm researching facts ahead! Is your kid a fan of baby shark? I'm singing and dancing! Whatever I need to do to get them to enjoy their time and not feel like a big black box is all in their face.

Wild little one's make for the BEST photos! Movement creates a true story and authentic emotion when looking back at them. My focus during our session is ensuring the kids are enjoying themselves, which in direct means the parents are having fun (and relaxed) as well!

How to prep for a photoshoot with kids!

Prepping for a photoshoot when it comes to kids (or anyone, for that matter) should start a few days/weeks ahead. This means outfits should be planned in advance to avoid stress when the session date approaches and you still have no clue what to wear. Also, do not forget to ask your photographer for advice if needed, because I promise they are always open to helping!

Be sure that you plan around little one's nap schedules but also being aware of the certain times of day that may not be ideal for outdoor sessions. Ensuring that all hungry tummy's are fed and happy, including the parents. Try to play, joke, laugh and enjoy your family prior to the session to have those happy feelings transfer over to our session. Imagine having a fight with your spouse then having to go do photos... that would be super awkward for everyone!

What do you bring to your session?

Snacks, toys, blankies, snacks, binkies, stuffed animals.. did I mention snacks?

If you're okay with your photographer using bribes for smiles/attention like candy, game night, movies, etc. then let them know and we can use any technique you may feel will work well for YOUR little one.

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