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Should You Hire A Photographer For Your Courthouse Wedding?

You're already saving money by not having an expensive wedding, why hire a photographer for such a small event? LET ME TELL YA WHY!

Just because you are choosing to elope at the courthouse does not make your day any less special! Regardless of the size of your wedding, your day is still BIG!

How can you make your day feel big?

You can do one and/or both of these options depending on your preferences. The first is, your photographer can join you for your 15 minute ceremony and capture your actual wedding moment. They can be a fly on the wall and with a longer lens, you wont even know they are there!

The second is planning a fun session post-courthouse wedding. Make it YOU! If you two enjoy pizza and beers, let's meet at a rooftop and watch the sunset! If you love hiking through the hills, let's meet up at a trail and create a memorable adventure. And even if you are just homebodies who enjoy hanging out on the couch or cooking together, let's do that!!! You will be surprised on what random act of fun together can turn into amazing memories captured in a way you never imagined!

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